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Advanced Packaging Solutions (APS) was established to develop a new bulk packaging system for the Salmon and Seafood Industry.
At APS you receive the quality and service you expect from an innovative company. Our company is always evaluating the needs or our customers and adapting its products to meet the requirements of the market. You can rest assured that, working with APS, you will benefit from a personalised approach to your packaging requirements. Our highest priority is satisfied customers You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your business

S-Bin Video

S-Bin Assembly


S-Bin Breakdown & Stacking

Completely collapse reversing the assembly instructions. Leave 1 bin assembled and pack it with the 9 sets of walls and floor panels. The walls fold along the crease on the narrow side folding into the centre of the panel


Pile 9 bases on top of each other. You will find they inter-stack very easily. Place the assembled bin filled with the walls on top of the 9 bases.

Ensure all the hatches are fitted. Fix the top section to the assembled bin and stack the remaining 9 lids on top again you will find they stack very easily.

The pallet of 10 empty S Bins are now ready for return


The S-BIN is highly flexible it completely breaks down for easy storage and transportation after it has been emptied. The side walls collapse and can be stored within an assembled bin.

The S-BIN is 10 complete S-BINs ready for collection. A normal articulated trailer will carry upwards of 400 collapsed S-BINs. The bin illustrated is currently being used to carry 320 kilos of fresh salmon in 180 kilos of slush ice a total of 500 kilos.

The S-BIN weighs only 22 kilos empty.

The S-BIN is loaded through a hatch 60cm x 60cm in the top section and depending on the application a plastic liner as illustrated can also be used.

The S-BIN stacking features makes it both stable for transportation and storage. The footplate measures 1200cm x 1000cm and the walls illustrated are 640cm high. The wall height can be adjusted depending on the application.

The S-BIN in its entirety is completely recyclable, and can be personalised with your individual company logo


Various Applications

Fruit & Vegetables
Transportation of Fruit & Vegatables using a new square bottomed plastic liner and internal floor system.
Computer Equipment
The storage and transportation of computer equipment for recycling.

Fish Fillets
New patented technology in transportation of fillets meaning reduced cost in labour, packaging and transport. With our products being reusable and recyclable this means a far more environmentally responsible product than some of the current methods for transporting fillets. The hygienic, food safe design of the bin means it’s very easy to handle and clean.

Frozen Shell Fish
Frozen shell fish can also be transported using this system.

The unique features of the S-Bin:
We hire out on usage so no need for de-hiring or tracking where bins are.
Light Weight
Excellent return ration
Enviromentally Friendly


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